What Is The Car Wrapping?

Changing the color of the original paints to protect from external influences, stains of paint defects or scratches or regional coloring, and decorative purposes, the outer surfaces of the cars are also covered with car wrapping vinyls according to the selected properties. It can be applied on all surfaces with varnished and smooth paint without covering doors, hood covers, luggage covers and interior

What Is the Adhesive Vinyls?

Adhesive vinyls are flexible and very useful products that can also be stretched or coated with plastic content.The back part is also adhesive and can be applied to any kind of surfaces.

Features of Adhesive Vinyl?

It can be delated 0 because of their plastic features.

When they are exposed to heat, the stretching rate also increases.

For emxample, we must to cover corners of a table. You need realize process on adhesives also heating from above on the kase drying and vinyls. Thus , it will be more durable and resitant. 

They are also not affected by moisture and they never clink.

Possibility of losing patterns in time even is unthinkable.

Where Can Adhesive Vinyl Be Covered?

It can adhere to all kinds of surfaces in woods, metals, marbles and glass tiles,

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