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Construction and Architecture






Advertising is publicity of different good, product and services to target mass by outdoor channels like  television, newspaper, radio, magazines, cinema and internet.

Outdoor and interior advertising are  the most quickly developed advertising places at the last years.There are all advertising materials which is need of that fields in our product portfolio. 

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Construction and Architecture

Architecture is a branch of art that designs civil structures to supply of people's need for shelter. Working area of architecture includes from hauses to shopping malls, schools to hospitals, pray places to public buildings as well as all structrure and their environments.

SDS is a supplier of products which used in these structures.

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Some of the products that we are sale is using on industrial sectors. Plastic coating, automotive, packing, lift, job security, building security, etc.

Our products are used as raw materials and semi products in this sector.

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it is to apply light to ensure that objects and the environment are seen as necessary by definition.

We are as firm especially care to illumination equipments. For this, we set up a team of experts about technical issues that are separate from the existing structure and closely follow the latest technologies. Our company which is caring Led illumination modules and power sources is producing some of products in Turkey and contribute economically.

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Effectiveness of tuning sectors which is explaining of individualization efforts on automobile continues to increase. In this way, we ensure suppying of glass, bonnet and car protection products.

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Portable and movable articles are ensuring of living areas to the conditions of the day, according to the taste of people to decorate and to equip with different purposes.

Our products can be used as raw material and semi-products in furniture production.

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Electromobile which is sponsored by SDS, became the 7th in the world.

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