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PET-G Sheet

PET-G (Polyethylene Terephthalate – Glucole)

We recommend Pet-G Sheet for your complicated designs and  needs of deep forming which is hesitation of using acrylic sheets. Pet-G Sheet 15 more times durability than acrylic is ideal for most difficult usages. It provides easly progress and easy application. Its ideal plastic solution for cover hinges and working parts in nested designs.

PETG, provides saving significantly on the process cost with forming at low heat and less short circuit times.Before delivery to the customer, the scratches during processing can be easily removed with hot air gun, allowing to work with minimum processing waste. In addition to all this, sheets do not need of dry beacuse of before forming provide saving significantly. 

POLİCAM PETG sheets are resitance to discoloration according to mostly chemical and detergents.

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