Printing Machines

SummaCut Series

Compact Fatbed Cutting Plotter To Shape Your Ideas Perfectly

Mimaki CFL-605RT compact dimension has effective performance with ability display of a lot of cutting and folding progress. CFL-605RT which as a perfect tool of  especiall packaging, protype and short term producing especially when it matched Mimaki small format LED UV flatbed printing it display versatile and multifunction resolution.

  • Multi cutter sets which included of those below: eccentric cutter for coated packaging board, tangent cutter for more thichness sheets and piston cutter for soft foam and up to 10 mm thickness sheets.
  • Folding cylinder for occuring folding drawing
  • Pen tools for occuring line drawing
  • Correct cutting with record sense function
  • Compact, internal vacuum unit ensures the safety of the material during cutting
  • You decrease to cutting preasure up to 1,500g
  • 610 x 510 mm cutting area
  • Powerful and effecttive addition printing package which is displayed 

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